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crimea, you invade cancun. russia takes back ukraine, america takes back texas. something to think about. [laughter] the new director of the secret service is here tonight. leadership, secret service agents can longer thatrt with prostitutes are too drunk to make it to the program. [laughter] i am sure she loves that. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, is here. put a face to the mysterious voice clearing its throat on the other end of the phone. that was weird. i have been watching a lot of cable news. i am a big fan of that lesbian on ms nbc. yeah, ms nbc is a confusing place. al sharpton is there skinny guy. [laughter] cnn is desperately searching for something they have been missing for months -- their dignity. totally. [laughter] this point, cnn is like the radio shack in a strip mall. you don't know how it stayed in business as long. they just fired piers morgan. [laughter] [applause] thank you. ratedws is the highest network and cable news. [applause] it is all thanks to their key , the old people that have tuned into fox news and have not yet been discovered. bi
. fredricka. >> nick paton-walsh, thanks so much. this violence comes a few weeks after ukraine and russia and western countries reached a peace deal. now russia says the deal is dead. the spokes man for vladimir putin said the military movement is the last nail in the coffin. matthew chance is joining us from moscow. matthew, it is hard to tell what putin is doing to use the violence to push the deal out the window. what is happening here? >> reporter: actually, within the past few minutes, a statement issued by the foreign ministry which lavrov, the foreign minister said, look, the geneva agreement is the best way of deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine. a phone conversation with kerry and lavrov. he called on the united states to use everything within its power to get the authorities to end the military operations in eastern ukraine. this comes after the terrible deaths that took place in odessa. nearly 40 people killed. pro-russian supporters in a government building inside and torched by a pro-kiev supporters. that is not gone down well. the kremlin condemned the action. the
of people have been killed in violent street battles between supporters and opponents of russia in southern ukraine. we have the very latest from outside the white house this morning. she joins us now. good morning. >> jenna, good morning you to. the crisis in ukraine is growing worse by the day. friday was the deadliest in months. officials in the black seaport city of odesa tell nbc news that 42 people were killed when riots broke out between pro russian and pro kiev protesters, moef died after being trapped in a burning building. now there were reports of more fierce fighting to day in the eastern part of the country. the one piece of good news here is that pro russian insurgents in eastern ukraine released the seven military observers and five ukrainian assistants who had been held captain ive for a week. all this comes as president obama and the german chancellor held a meeting on friday and issued a stern warning to moscow. they would move forward with sector sectoral sanctions which are the sanctions against broad sectors of russia's economy if they interfere with the may 25th electi
. max im, good morning to you. odessa has been pro-russia, why are things coming to a head now? is this in response to conflicts elsewhere or have things always been this tense? >> what we see now is two hot spots in ukraine. eastern ukraine with an anti-terrorist operation that is being pursued in the east with an active battle going on on the outskirts of slovyansk. of course, top attention right now is on odessa, with that horrific day yesterday when we saw the deadly clashes. the death toll continues to climb, and right now we know of 46 dead. but a lot of injured people are still being treated in hospitals. >> max im, you mentioned the active battle happening in odessa and the conflicts. where is the conflict headed and what message does it send to other areas of ukraine. >> i think right now russia is trying actively to pursue the scenario to stablilize the situation in eastern ukraine. despite the public talks and statements from russian foreign minister or officials. what we have on the ground is that rush job operators are working there and the main goal is to get the
ukrainian soldiers dead. president obama promising even tough iter sanctions against russia. looks like a scene straight out of the movie. two men wearing business suits and fake were wigs. sprayed several esm employees and shocking one many times. no one was seriously thursday there. the robbers are still on the loose. no word on how much money they got away with. ivanka trump knows who she would like to see in the white house. her father. she told greta van susteren, trump would make a fabulous president because of his viewpoints and because of the fact that he listens and cares about people. >> as an american, i would love him to run for president. he is incredibly smart, incredibly knowledgeable. he has had tremendous experiences which would prepare him for the challenge. as a daughter, it's more complicated, obviously. it's a very tough life afternoon the political one is a challenge. >> well, we have been asking mr. trump if he is running but he keeps telling us, we will see what happens. >> and ben affleck may be great at run aring a gambling racket in the movies like this. >> wh
, being supported by russia. the fighting sparking this fire at the separatist headquarters, leaving people dangling from windows. and at least 31 dead. elsewhere, pro-russian mobs hitting back, taking down two helicopters and stopping this armored carrier from advancing. all just a day after storming yet another government building. we're seeing petrol bombs, tear gas, stun grenades. the entire country is now on edge. city after city falling like dominos to pro-russian gangs. today, president obama, meeting with germany's angela merkel, took yet another shot at russian leader vladimir putin. >> what can't be taken into account is his suggestion that he has the right to violate the sovereignty of another country. that's not acceptable. >> reporter: but here on the streets, the anger is aimed at the united states. we asked this leader who he blames for violence. his answer doesn't need any translation. >> america, america. >> reporter: even as i'm talking, there are groups of armed men roaming the city. and the big question now is, will russian troops invade? diane? >> thank you so mu
. sitting in tonight for brian. as president obama dangled the threat of tough o'er action against russia, the crisis in ukraine took a dangerous and deadly new turn today on the ground and in the air. as ukrainian forces in the east launch a major counter offensive against pro russian insurgents who then shot down two ukrainian helicopters. but the conflict has spread to southern ukraine. a country increasingly divided against itself, coming closer to the brink. we get more from our british partner itn. >> the term civil war should not be used lightly, but tonight, ukraine appears to be perilously close. >> the southern port city of odes odessa, a city split between those loyal to russia and those to ukraine. the two sides fought in the city center and the result was a bloodbath. more than 30 known to have died, and it is likely to have been more. unlike the east of ukraine, pro russians cannot dominate here. normal ukrainians, young women, middle aged mothers, joined in on the fight. the police were nowhere to be seen and there was little they could have done. it is when the pro ukraini
in eastern ukraine support russia and view the government in kiev as hostile. today, both the government and the separatists say two ukrainian helicopters were shot down in the fighting. this amateur video shows a plume of smoke where the helicopter apparently crashed, though no wreckage has been found so far. the ukrainian government also claimed a surface-to-air missile brought down one of them. that hasn't been verified, but u.s. intelligence sources are treating the report as credible. one of the pilots, visibly injured, was later paraded around in a video released by pro-russian militants. ukrainian forces appear to stop at the edge of the city. vyacheslav ponomaryov, the self- proclaimed mayor of slavyansk, claimed there had been many casualties. "we were attacked, "he said. "our city is under siege." the offensive came as violence ratcheted up again. yesterday, militants took over the prosecutor's office in donetsk. police attempted to fight back with tear gas and stun grenades, but were overwhelmed by the crowd and fled. >> pelley: clarissa ward is joining us from donetsk. claris
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-hold city of slaviansk. they hold their ground barricaded in government buildings as russia calls forage machine u.n. security council meeting set to begin at noon to discuss this very crisis. jon: authorities averting quote unimaginable tragedy in a small minnesota town, arresting a 17-year-old student. they say he was planning to kill his family and bomb a junior and senior high school. mike tobin live in chicago with more on this. police think, mike, that this teenager was actually very close to carrying out this attack? >> reporter: in large part, jon, because of the extensive planning that went into this. nearly a year of planning went into this meticulous plot to quote, kill as many students as he could. according to the criminal complaint, 17-year-old john ladieu planned to kill his mother, father, sister and with a 22 caliber rifle because the 22 would not make that noise. he would start a fire to distract first respond is. with authorities busy he plant to head to the junior senior high school and set off bombs and kill people not killed by bombs. the plot was thwarted only beca
to discuss tougher sanctions against russia over issues with ukraine. chancellor merkel is viewed as a pivotal figure in the standoff. >>> and a rockford, ohio, teen gives his great-grandmother the gift of a lifetime. austin dennison took his great-grandmother delores to his senior prom because she never got to go when she was in high school. this is great home video. start crying now, savannah. the two slow dancing together while the others looked on. an incredible gesture there. the night started with dinner at bob evans, one of her favorite places to go eat. the two, get this, they were home by 9:00 p.m. >> that's my dream night right there. >> just what her father said. better be home by 9:00. >> what a sweetheart. i just love that. what a great young man. he should be applauded. >> good man. >> not to mention he probably won all the girls after that. total ploy for the girls. >> should we turn to carson for the weather. >> no problem. let's check out the weather. >> exactly. there he goes. >> i don't know where to go. >> we have al roker, he's at churchill downs in louisville
. the catalyst, the increasing tensions of ukraine, russia calling for emergency u.n. security council meeting after pro-russian forces shot down two cr ukrainian helicopters. the gdl up about 1%, as well, carl. back over to you guys. >> thanks so much. >>> when we come back, if steve jobs were alive today, should he be in jail? that's the headline of the jim stewart column this weekend in "the new york times." stewart's here to talk about what he's written in a moment. but first, rick santelli watching the jobs number and other things today, rick. >> yeah. i'll tell you what. just getting arms around the jobs number and objective way to try to get on the same page as the market is a real job. but i will leave you with this. geopolitics is the new weather. what do i mean by that? you have to join me at the bottom of the hour. >>> european markets closing a moment ago. let's bring in simon hobbs. >> if you took a weighted average of europe down half of 1%. manufacturing data good today. the eurozone growing at the fastest pace in manufacturing for three months but the unemployment rate at 11.8%
they will discuss more economic sanctions on russia but at some point the real question is whether tightening the screws on a major trading partner ceases to be in the interest of the german government. >> joe, a bit of a turn. another problem, really one that's plagued the administration for quite some time now. i want to get your take on. new criticism coming at the administration for their handling on the violence in benghazi, the deadly events in benghazi. this e-mail from ben rhodes that came out, is it really a smoking gun as is being described by republicans or is this just more -- is this politicking as this issue has become a bit of a political football ahead of the midterms? >> well, it's a question of optics, kate. also a question of putting the obama administration back on defense with house republicans exploiting those newly disclosed documents that suggests the white house may have misled the public about the attack in benghazi that killed a u.s. ambassador. this all had quieted down but now sort of brought back into the limelight after the non-profit group judicial watch uncove
on foreign policy. the new sanctions on russia, do you have any indication that they are having an effect. >> it's too soon to tell, but the president has been very deliberate, very measured. we've had a lot of engagement with our business community here, engaging their reaction to our sanctions and so far we have had their full support as well as, of course, importantly the support of our allies in the g- 7. >> want to ask you about an issue that has gripped america this week the nba scandal. do you think a $2.5 million fine and bap for life for donald sterling is punishment enough for what he said? >> well look, we support his decision. it's up to the nba and adam silver did a swift and thorough investigation and he reached a conclusion and we support his conclusion. >> do you think your fellow chicagoan oprah winfrey should bid for the clippers? >> i heard about that. i was excited to hear she was interested. seems to be a lot of buzz going on about that. >> sounds like you support the idea of him no longer owning the team though. >> i support the decision of adam silverman. i think wh
the interim government's tenuous hold on power there. further escalation of tension with russia and unrest in the east. acting president says russian militants have won the east. and security forces were helpless to stop pro-russian separatists. >>> let's take a look at stocks to watch. cardinal heating, $1.01 a share profit. textron with first quarter profits of 31 cents a share. overall profit fell 24% as textron delivered few bell helicopter s and unmanned aircraft systems. yelp lost 4 cents. it sells more mobile ads. avon earned 12 cents a share in the first quarter, nine cents below expectations. revenue below. >>> coming up, we'll talk deals and corporate taxes with roger altman. i have a couple other ones i want to talk to you about. top of the hour, jim paulson and josh feinman. squawk coming right back after this. this. [ grunting ] i'm taking off, but, uh, don't worry. i'm gonna leave the tv on for you. and if anything happens, don't forget about the new xfinity my account app. you can troubleshoot technical issues here. if you make an appointment, you can check out the status he
they are being backed by the russian government, which russia denies. ukrainian leaders say they are helpless and fear that not much more can be done until the presidential election on may 25th. the mayor of toronto is taking an immediate leave of absence from his re-election campaign, after a new video reportedly showed him smoking crack cocaine -- again. the "toronto globe" says it has saturday in what appears to be the basement of mayor rob ford's sister. yesterday, ford announced that he is taking time off, to seek treatment for substance abuse. he admits he has an alcohol problem that makes him behave irresponsibly. oprah winfrey is joining the list of possible buyers of the los angeles clippers. the n-b-a is trying to force the clippers owner to sell the team, after it banned him for his racist comments. forbes magazine estimates the team is worth 575-million dollars. oprah could be joining forces with media executive david geffen and oracle c-e-o larry ellison to make an offer. geffen says winfrey really isn't interested in running the team.. she just wants the league to have another a
.2%, actually effectively saying the country is in recession right now. do you agree with that? >> for russia, yes, i believe they are in a recession. >> for russia. >> we'll know more about the first quarter later this month. i wouldn't be surprised to see it fall again in the second quarter. we know it was about $750 million there. in the second quarter it will still be significant. >> how has this not gone back into ukraine, the funding they need, when russia clearly is at the moment trying to destabilize the economy and create a federal country? >> well, this is what's facing ukraine. on the one hand it's a brink of crisis with macro economic problems. this is a huge program, $17 billion is massive, well over ukraine's quota at the imf and it should free up additional funding, too, from the world bank and eu and from bilateral governments, too, from the u.s. as well. but this has all gone on the economic side. there's a political angle to all of this, too. really. the center is now losing control. this is the worry in development over the past week or so, that these, the country is now cl
in north america, though 25% of our business is outside north america, europe, russia. >> and there are listed companies in the s&p 500, you know, are headquartered overseas and have roughly the proportion of business you guys do and they are getting a better rate than you are. >> sure. well, look, we -- we look at all the options all the time. we've talked about that with our board. you know, we're focused on what we can do right now. we wouldn't have that opportunity to exist today. how can we improve earnings and cash flow with the portfolio that we have? >> john faraci, chairman and ceo of international paper. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> yeah. on a nice beat relative to the street today for their earnings. he tied for third place on cnbc's list of the 25 most influential people in business over the last 25 years, so what does former fed chair alan greenspan say his greatest achievement is, and what's his greatest regret from his time at the fed? he'll join us next in an exclusive interview. >> and is the market really rigged, as author michael lewis claimed in h
comfort keepers now to learn more. >>> russia has no connection to the violence in eastern ukraine according to the russian president vladimir putin today. he's blasting financial punishment targeting russian officials and businesses. >> the fact the u.s. came out to the forefront of the settlement of these crisis events shows from the very beginning they were managing this process. now, they just displayed theirself as leader of this proce process. >>> all this coming as they see eastern ukraine and some militants have said they're in fact elite russian troops conducting a secret invasion. >> today, say iing the elite security forces are helpless from keeping the crisis from spreading. you look at the wall and saying the pro russians have taken control of tmore than a dozen towns in eastern ukraine and we marked a few of them in western parts of the country and shown russia has shown no sign it plans to make good on its promise to pull back tens of thousands of troops across ukraine's border indicated by the red line. and analysts say in recent years russia boosted its defense spe
been taken by russia. >> miami resident receiving a letter from the president about the unrest in venezuela. i'm excited that in the united states a person can write to the president and get an answer. >>> a flurry of once-private racist remarks triggered the most powerful punishment of a team owner in american special sports. after "clipper maid of the skies" owner donald sterling's recorded comments to a former girlfriend that it mothered him to see her -- that it bothered him to see her associate with blacks. is triggered protests. many demanded action. on tuesday, after an investigation it proved the voice was donald sterling, commissioner jakob silfverberg dropped the hammer. >> effective immediately, i am banning mr donald sterling for life from any association with the clippers' organization or the number of ba. i'm fining mr sterling $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the n.b.a. constitution. as for donald sterling's ownership, interest in the clippers, i will urge the board of governments to exercise its authority to team. >> for more, let's go to silver sp
are standing, are sanctions impacting russia or its supporters in eastern ukraine? >> that's a very difficult question to ask. you'd have to say the ultimate intention of these sanctions is to prevent a russian invasion of eastern ukraine and if that invasion does not happen, was it due to the sanctioners not. i suspect we might be arguing about that for months or years to come, but as rewards the conduct of pro russian groups in the east, they don't seem deterred at all, quite the contrary. they seem more emboldened on each day, going very much on the offensive, they are on the front, sanctions or not. >> barnaby phillips for us in donetsk in eastern you a crane, thank you. >> parliamentary elections, first time they have headed to the polls since the u.s. pulled out in 2011. there are reports of attacks outside the capitol. we are at a polling side in baghdad. how has the turnout been so far where you are? >> this polling station in central baghdad, they are voting just through those doors, has about 3,500 registered voters, about 1,000 people have turned up so far. now what an independent
there is no way to stop the unrest in two eastern regions bordering russia. he says police and security pless," and are in some cases cooperating with pro-russian government who have seized buildings and taking people hostage. vice president joe biden reassure the prime minister of ofvia that in the face russian assertiveness in ukraine the united states is committed to the collective defense of nato allies. mr. biden met with latvian prime minister at the white house yesterday and today the vice president speaks at the atlantic council on the situation in ukraine. here the remarks later today on c-span radio. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. everybody says how do you think these women came from such a very low part of the world? so victorian era is stratified. there was the very rich and the middle class and then the real robber baron achievers. the life and times of these women is the most buccaneer time you can think of. after the civil war. finances were becoming major, yet rockefeller, jim fest, all of the robber barons were making a lot of money. i think it was e
russia. beyond education, how do you get people to trust this thing in the way that sovereign countries have not? a leading engineering institution, m.i.t. is the king of practicality. that is part of the spearman. seeing what real-world applications we can build that people will end up trusting. >> such as? >> there is a number of things we can do that would be very important. for example, you could build a decentralized kick starter for crowd funding. you could build a micro-payment solution which would be approved for news media in terms of online newspapers. having a solution for their content. >> i'm curious, have any professors at m.i.t. torn you to shreds on this? do they look at the theory of bitcoin and forget about the efficiency and say the bitcoin club has got it wrong? say that most professors are pretty excited ingut this project and see where it goes. there are plenty professors who have questions about it. most of the questions tend to come from the economic side. people understand the code and technical aspect of bitcoin and a pretty enthusiastic about it. >> jeremy and
come in from russia over the next period of time. >> that's, i mean, something people look at. they look at energy is what jack welch was talking about yesterday, you think finance is going to be an area of strong growth? >> i think finance is at the root of everything that happens. so i think it has top. the economy will be good. i think it has to be good. i think energy, when you see a pipeline thing that makes sense, put it off until after an election. >> is this on purpose? i wasn't listening. now you say that. isn't that just. >> it doesn't make any sense. i mean, then you have to wait until the next election and the next election. >> every two years, unfortunately. >> the stuff is going to go some place else. it's obviously a safer way to transport that kind of oil. why not become an exporter of it? >> we talk about this often on camera before. who did you support, two elections ago for president? >> oh, boy. >> you supported barak obama. you didn't the last time around, why? >> pardon me? >> why? >> i didn't think he did a good job. >> the thing that bothers you the mos
they were awarded we thought no problem. >> just like russia's putin that went smoothly. >>> and mr. halperin, the play on veep i'm sure you heard that mr. allen. let's talk business. harry reid said democrats are holding talks about a vote to prove the keystone pipeline. is that actually going to happen? >> they're actually going to have a vote. and this is a real surprise. it's a sign of how worried democrats are about the senate. yesterday, i was out at the milken conference in los angeles, did a poll, including a lot of democrats, asking them what they thought the chances were republicans could take every 0 the senate. nate silver said around 60%. dave leonhart said around 61%. the democrats i talked to said it's more like 60%. they are worried about a republican senate. so you have harry reid saying he might take a vote on approving the keystone pipeline. what's not determined is, will this be something that's binding will this be more a sense of the senate, as they call it. but the key fact, 11 senate democrats have signed a letter to president obama saying they want him to ap
russia is now threatening american astronauts. >> why aldermen are taking issue with the mayor's plan to patch the city streets. >> the cast of the new star wars episode 7 movie is revealed.a ts morning in the shooting death of a 14-year-old girl. we'll have a *live update. a man tried to rob a mariano's in the south loop. we'll have details on his arrest. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> today will be like yesterday and like the day before that and the day before that. >> your popular this week. >> this is a cool looking system but it keeps raining as showers. >> occasionally she can be funny. >> that's what really happens during commercials. we shall clean it up. but there you go. sublet radar will continue. finally some music out there that i like. here is the deal. today, 20 percent chance of rain. it won't rain all day but we could see isolated showers across the entire area popping up sporadically we are under a very unsettled weather pattern. tonight we go down to 41. better chance of r
from russia and venezuela and you go down the list. what's at stake here is that the people who object to this pipeline -- i don't doubt their sincerity -- they would not allow us to buy oil from anybody or explore for oil here at home. the people objecting to this pipeline do not have an all-the-the-above approach when it comes to emergency energy f. you left it up to them -- energy. if you left it up to them we'd be doing windmills, solar, no nuclear power. so the president of the united states has turned this issue over to the most extreme people in the country when it comes to politics. they're trumping the unions. they're trumping the speaker, the former presiding officer. they are locking down developing an energy source that we need as a nation, and i just really regret that the president's let them take over this issue at a time when we need more oil from friendly people and less oil from people who hate our guts. dirty oil to me is buying oil from people who will take the proceeds and share it with terrorists. this oil content from canada is slightly greater in carbon content
if the europeans had another option rather than depending on russia for its energy, that would be a very big reason-but nevertheless they're saying this isn't about jobs. this is about oil companies getting richer. you say what? >> the state department says there will be 20,000 direct jobs created by this. these are working-class jobs, people with better wages and better benefits, whose children will go to better school and whose future for the family will be brighter for darryl hannah to minimize the impact on those families to show incredible sensitivity to a group of americans having a very hard time now. she can fuss with the state department. it's the state department says this is about at least 20,000 direct jobs. >> congressman, good seeing you again. senator landrieu, if you're watching, you're always invited to come on. >>> severe storms moving across the south at this hour. forcing thousands of evacuations. are we looking at the same today? we are on it, all over it. >> go! now. >> what? >> now! we need it right away! we cannot let the fans down. don't worry! the united states postal serv
decision, not a scientific one. this is politics at its mouth here. stuart: russia's vladimir putin. why don't we -- why don't we in america approve the export of liquefied natural gas? that would give us a great deal of leverage on energy over vladimir putin. >> absolutely. another example how our president does not understand that having a strong domestic economy, strong domestic energy policy translates into leverage on the geopolitical scale internationally because we could reduce russia's revenue from exporting their liquid natural gas by getting into the market. we could reduce that by 30% and keep in mind that 50% of russia's tax base comes from the sale of oil and natural gas but to many of our friends and allies in western europe. stuart: the president obviously knows this coming knows that if we export big time to europe we get leverage over vladimir putin. he knows this, why does he keep denying -- is it 23 permits that are on the table at the moment for the export of liquefied natural gas that are being held up? the president knows what is going on. why does he hold it up? >>
kind of exogenous event, could be something as simple as russia ukraine becoming more difficult. >> okay. >> don't know. something out of the ordinary. >> i wondered if you were going to say growth is disappointing and perhaps won't get the growth the market assumed. if you look at what's happening in the market you have strong rotation. we've spoken many times about the high flying tech stocks, biotech, social media, that have lost a huge amount of value but you see weakness in housing. in financials. economically sensitive areas, the utility index is pushing up towards an all-time high. what do you do with that rotation? do you follow through? >> well, we look at the individual companies and their own valuations. so we think that some of the high flyers, which have come down, are still at fairly lofty valuations and hard to justify. we contrast that with other old technology dinosaurs like microsoft, cisco, hewlett-packard, where their actual results have been quite good and their valuations are very attractive. so we wouldn't necessarily look at the rotation in a kind of a se
. >> and -- a ukrainian mayor is shot, as the west readies more sanctions. what russia says about an invasion. investigating this viral video of a man kicking a boy down a skate ramp. and -- the shakeup in late- night continues, as craig ferguson now makes a big announcement. announcement. that eliminates odors and doesn't just mask them. can you give us access to maybe the smelliest room in your house? the trash is bad... oh, yeah. ...and he just took it out. it smells really nice. like, fresher. [ male announcer ] don't just mask odors, eliminate them with febreze air effects. deadly storms sweep through mississippi and alabama, as the severe weather in the south continues. we'll have the latest. a 14-year-old girl is killed on her way home from school on the city's south side. and mayor daley could be on the stand next week, over a restaurant deal. we'll have details. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. about let's take a look. expecting temperatures to rise into the upper 60s. it's 41 in the waukegan. 42 in mundelein.
. the violence comes as the white house is lashing out at russia with those new economic sanctions targeting putin's inner circle of supporters. government officials and companies and one believed putin has personal investments in. but stopped short of hitting his personal wealth directly estimated in the tens of billions of dollars. its security people want most. man telling me we can't sleep at night because we don't know if russia will attack us tomorrow. muhammad lila, abc news, eastern ukraine. >>> president obama heading back to washington this morning from the philippines. before leaving he praised the men and women of the military who serve around the globe. there are more than 80,000 service members in the asia pacific region. on a trip to the large american military cemetery, the president honored american and filipino service members who fought side by side in the pacific in world war ii. >>> capitol police investigating death threats against senate majority leader harry reid. the threats are reportedly related to comments reid made about nevada rancher clive bun
new action against russia for its role in the crisis in ukraine. >> did these sanctions freeze the assets of 17 companies including seven banks and energy companies? >> we have not seen comparable efforts. >> our goal is not to hurt the russian people. it's to get them to change their policy. >> iraq study group s at risk of becoming an apartheid state according to secretary of state john kerry. >> anybody who understands what apartheid s wouldn't make such a comment. >> secretary kerry has proven himself unsuitable to the position he holds. >> the sports world and beyond reacting to racist comments by the owner of the la clippers: . >> we begin with a diplomatic firestorm in the middle east. the starter, secretary of state john kerry who told the try l rtrlitra -- try lat tral t that unless they moved to a two-state solution, with peace talks scheduled to end tuesday, kerry said a 2-state collusion will be clearly underscored as the only reel alternative because a unitary state winds up being an apartheid state with second-class citizens or a state that destroys the capacity f
, president obama punishing russia with more sanctions, but is he hitting putin where it hurts? >>> and a billionaire accused of a racial rant caught on tape. we'll play you the racy audio recording. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone, i'm erin burnett, "outfront" tonight, millions of americans on alert, warned to take shelter right now as violent tornados ripped through the southwest and southeastern united states. at this moment we are watching four deadly storms that have already touched down, our reporters are in the center of the zone. so far, 16 people have lost their lives in oklahoma, arkansas, and iowa. you're looking right now of footage of a tornado that tore through tupelo, mississippi, just a short time ago. we just got this video in from kdr media. the governor there called a state of emergency. the violent storms threatening alabama, louisiana, and tennessee. tupelo's mayor shelton joins me on the phone. thank you very much. we're just starting to get pictures from where you are. how severe is the damage? >> thank you for having me. the damage, as fa
sanctions against russia for not living up to an agreement 11 days ago to stabilize the region. the new sanctions targets seven russian officials, including two said to be close to russia's vladimir putin. they also target 13 companies and certain high-tech exports to russia with potential military applications. then an entire state could be left without a single abortion clinic if a court rules in favor of the anti-abortion activist. we'll tell you about the shocking movement that's sweeping the south. ortho crime files. reckless seeding. a backyard invasion. enter homeowner, and ortho weed b gon max. kills weeds without harming innocent lawns. guaranteed. ortho weed b gon max. get order. get ortho®. i'm a messy person. i don't like cleaning. i love my son, but he never cleans up. always leaves a trail of crumbs behind. you're going to have a problem with getting a wife. uh, yeah, i guess. [ laughs ] this is ridiculous. christopher glenn! [ doorbell rings ] what is that? swiffer sweep & trap. i think i can use this. it picks up everything. i like this. that's a lot of dirt. it's that
that will ensure that this will not happen again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> and today, russia is responding to the new round of sanctions that president obama set forth today. >> we will give a expanded list of individuals and businesses who will be receive sanctions. >>> and there is a mayor who was shot in the back wounded today. >> and now 20 criminal charges including tax fraud against new york congressman michael grimm. and he surrendered to the fbi agent agents this morning. that is something that you should know. and looking forward to this, cedric the intentertainer is go to join us live, and talk to us about his storied entertainment career, but something that she is serious about. he wants to improve the lives of inner city program, and he wants to spread the word at "newsnatio "newsnation." you can find me and my team at @ @ tallronhall. and that was important to me. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop
leveled new sanctions against russia over ukraine, frozen assets, bans on entering the united states, all aimed at more than 20 vips and companies with close ties to the russian president vladimir put tin. a new wingal. these sanctions are aimed at high-tech defense exports to russia. white house correspondent michelle kosinski following the president in manila. good morning. >> reporter: as promised, the u.s. has expanded sanctions against certain people and companies in russia. in a press statement the u.s. said that russia has done nothing, and that's to quote the statement, to deescalate the situation in ukraine. they said russia has done nothing to deescalate and the fact that it's linked to the violence there seems indisputable. what are these sanctions? they target seven people, according to this press release, two of them are within putin's inner circle. 17 companies that the release says are linked to putin's inner circle. among those 17 companies, 13 now are banned, although it's not an out right ban. they explained it as a presumption of denial for importing u.s. products. as y
filing sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine. the specific parts of the russian economy they are targeting. >> there must be sanctions that make it clear that the nba family will have zero tolerance for such conduct today, tomorrow or ever. >> the nba investigating allegations of racist remarks from the owner of the l.a. clippersers. how everyone from the players to the president is reacting to the controversy. >> arming cars to withstand bullets and bombs in a city with a long history of violence. >> good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. >> i'm receive stay. parts of the united states are waking up to destruction caused by three tornadoes, at least 18 people have been killed by the twisters spawned by a powerful storm system. >> most of those fatalities happening in arkansas near little rock, additional deaths in iowa and oklahoma. >> tornadoes touched down in missouri near job lynn, the same small town where a tornado killed 161 in 2011. the storm system is expect the to remain active through wednesday. >> president obama saying the federal gove
the tension in eastern ukraine. washington will cut off high tech exports to russia's defense industry. pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine released one member of an inspection team being held against their will. seven monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe were brought before cameras at a news conference, where they were called prisoners of war. shortly after, a swedish member of the team who suffers from diabetes was released. the team was detained friday and accused of being spies. wednesday is election day in iraq. but some people in chicago and the suburbs get to *vote in it. there are 16 thousand assyrian christians in illinois who emigrated to america to flee the violence in their home country. many of them cast early ballots yesterday at the assyrian national council in skokie... one of nie polling places across america. at stake are 328 seats in iraq's parliament, the body that will choose the country's president and prime minister. old st. pat's church is celebrating the 30-th anniversary of the world's largest block party! to commemorate thi
harder for tougher sanctions, broader sanctions against russia, but not all of the european allies are going along with it. businesses are fighting back against that in europe as well. not enough consequence. he's not able to follow through in getting a new trade agreement with japan, you know, in a second term, in a world where america is one of many powers, the president can't just dictate an outcome. >> he cannot. and it does raise questions about his legacy given that he has a couple of years left. >> a couple years left. i think he's well aware of that but not going to stop pushing. one thing to watch for, does the united states start to push for a more direct targeting of putin himself? putin, personally, his own reputed personal fortune. >> right. that may be the next step and the next shoe to drop. but as you said, he has to get his allies on board. george, thank you. >>> george has a big show coming up this morning. his guests include new homeland security jeh johnson and massachusetts senator, elizabeth warren. >>> meantime, there are more stories developing overnight. he
kerry, who again said more sanctions are coming down the pike if russia doesn't change its ways. guest: i think the u.s. government should do what he can within reason to try to deter the russian government -- what it can within reason to try to deter the russian government from interfering in the ukraine. there is an ancient lesson of foreign policy. there is such a thing as the balance of power. for country to maintain its independence, particularly if it is next door to a much more powerful nation, it either needs to muster the power itself to maintain its independence on its own or ally itself with others. ukraine is outside the scope of nato. we talked about poland earlier. poland is not. in the cold war, nato established the balance of power that, for decades, drew the line at the berlin wall. now the line has moved east into eastern europe. i don't think the united states has the means or interest perhaps the means, to use our power to establish a balance of power that protect the sovereignty of the ukraine from russia. ukraine needs to develop an ability to protect its own sove
between russia and ukraine. >> and peter doocy is joining us live from washington, d.c. with all the details. good morning, peter, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you overnight the president said they need to place new sanctions on russia together as part of the unified effort because president obama says if this becomes the united states versus russia conflict, the impact of the sanctions won't be felt as much. >> oftentimes they are really interested in portraying this through this old cold war prism, when in fact that's not what the issue is here. the issue is respecting basic international norms of sovereignty and territorial integrity. >> reporter: as the conflict between ukraine and russia boils over, the underwater search for malaysia flights 370 continues. and even though millions of dollars worth of american time and equipment haven't produced any tangible results yet, top officials in malaysia are very grateful. >> on this journey, we are thankful for the united states and our friendship. over the past two months, the strength of our relationship has been
in ukraine as the west prepares new sanctions for russia. american soldiers are head today eastern europe. today, the u.s. deployed 150 troops to lithuania. they will be ready if the conflict spills beyond the borders. america is sending 600 troops to that region. meanwhile in eastern ukraine, gun men are proposing a prisoner swap. russians accused them of spying. their captors say they will exchange them for jailed pro-russian activists. the latest from donetsk >> reporter: on both sides in eastern ukraine, funeral are becoming political events. this time, it was probe russian separate tests laying one of those their heroes to rest in the town of slovyansk. lubanits killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cause. >> long live lombas. ukraine is with russia >> it's in slovyansk that the military observers are beingheld by pro-russian gun men who said .1 way they could be released would be in an exchange for the government in kiev which is holding a number of pro-activists >> they have always been coins of exchange. it's an international practice to swap prisoners. t
sanctions against russia as pro- russian forces are holding captive an eight-member team of european observers in slavyansk tonight. as holly williams reports, they show no sign of backing down. >> reporter: in slavyansk today, the town's new separatist mayor, vyacheslav ponomaryov, took questions about the european observers his men are holding. what exactly are the accusations against the inspectors? >> reporter: he told us all of them are suspected of carrying out intelligence gathering in separatist territory. in other words, they're accused of being spies. slavyansk has been under the control of pro-russian separatists for more than a week, but taking foreign prisoners is something new here and could be a sign that the militants are running out of patience. after the press conference, we asked if we could see the inspectors and were told no. are the men that you've detained, are they safe? are they being treated well? "yes," he said. "you don't need to worry." ukraine's government and the u.s. accuse russia of aiding this insurgency and new russian military exercises just over t
. >> as the west is preparing new sanctions for russia, the u.s. deployed a 150 troops. they are at the ready in case the violence is spilling beyond the borders. 600 troops from the u.s. are being sent to the region. gunman are proposing a prisoner swap, russianing captured 8 observers yesterdays and accused of spying. we have the latest now. >> on both sides of eastern ukraine, funerals are becoming political events, this time pro russian separatists laying a here row to rest. in the town, killed by the ukraine soldiers two days ago now a martar for the cause. >> ukraine is with russia. >> it is also that the observers being held by the pro russian gunman and saying that to release them is in exchange for the government in kiev that is holding a number of russian activists. >> prisoners are always coins of exchange during a war. it is international practice to swap prisoners. >> as you can see there is no sign that the pro russian groups are giving up the control, the barricades are still up. over here to see the other side of life in the east, because for most of the people things are goin
. >>> and president obama visits a country tormented by a missing plane but russia is becoming a major distraction for the president. what the president is saying about all of it. >>> let's begin in washington. president obama is out of town on his four-country tour of asia. but the crisis in ukraine is moving very quickly. and we're learning new details about what the u.s. and other countries plan to do next. erin mcpike is at the white house even though the president is traveling. so, erin, what is the latest on the u.s. response to the situation where ukraine and russia? it continues to bubble. >> basically it's simply more sanctions. although we haven't seen a deterrent effect yet as we've been talking about today we did see a russian aircraft enter ukrainian airspace overnight. the state department is insi insisting that it's working. i want to play for you something that jen psake said yesterday. >> we are seeing an impact. we've seen even president putin admit this week that there is an impact on the russian economy from the steps we've taken. >> and the united states has been trying to con
into and violated ukrainian airspace last night. russia has denied violating the airspace. >>> back in this country, the nra finds itself in a dogfight this year. it's being challenged by a new antigun lobby backed by billionaire michael bloomberg. but the nra and about 70,000 supporters meeting in indianapolis this weekend aren't flinching. executive director pierre says the organization faces a do or die challenge. >> we trust in our freedom, and in an uncertain world, surrounded by lies and corruption, there is no greater freedom, believe me, than the right to survive, to protect our families, with all the rifles, shotgun shs a shotgun, and handguns that we want. >> the nra invite prod gun politicians to address the convention. among them senator marco rubio and governor bobby jindal. >>> tonight sarah palin. >>> all right. police in millford, connecticut, are investigating the stabbing death of 16-year-old girl. sanchez died after being slashed in the neck, chest, and face in a school stairwell. she was set to attend her prom that night. a classmate is under arrest and faces a murder charge. >>
to impose new sanctions on russia. good afternoon, i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shaw in for gregg jarrett. armed pro-russian separatists now are holding a group of international observers and accusing them of being nato spies. we're streaming live from donetsk, ukraine, with the latest. leland? >> reporter: hi, eric. those pro russian separatists now say they will exchange these international observers for a number of separatists being held by the ukrainian government. the government is firing back saying the observers are being held as human shields inside the pro russian stronghold, besieged by ukrainian soldiers. the soldiers, though, have not moved into the town, really out of fear of the amount of civilian casualties that would have to occur if they were going to go door to door and try to root out the separatists who are extremely well-armed. the russian foreign minister for his part says he is going to do what he can in order to help free the international observers who are being held. many will tell you that the russians in this are truly the puppeteers who have said in the past t
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